Public Institution Disppensary of Šimkaičiai was established on  August 1st, 2001 after  the reorganisation of Primary Health Care Centre of Jurbarkas  district. The dispensary is a part of Lithuanian National Health system and  the Municipality of  Jurbarkas established the nonprofit Public Institution of Health Care Centre,  that provides primary health care services.

The  main purpose of the activities of the enterprise is to improve  the health of the enrolled patients and other residents, decrease their  morbidity and mortality, provide quality medical services, adhere to the principles of medical ethics, ensure a patient’s privacy and the confidentiality of his data.

The main tasks of the activities of the  enterprise are:

  • To provide non-specialized and qualified Primary Health Care services;
  • Provide emergency medical care.

The main activities of the institution are: organise and provide a person‘s primary health care services entitled by the personal health care license.  The Public Institution Disppensary of Šimkaičiai provides services according to the following Lithuanian medical norms of a:

  • family doctor;
  • a community nurse;
  • general practitioner;
  • obstetrician gynecologist;
  • dentist doctor.